Moon Series

Time has felt weird to me in the COVID-19 world. Simultaneously standing still but also the months seem to go by so fast it frightens me a bit (writing this at the 10 month mark in December 2020). In June of 2020 I started creating one series of drawings or paintings per lunar cycle starting on the new moon to help make time feel more organized and structured.

There are no "rules" to the series, but I typically create something throughout the entire lunar cycle corresponding to the phases of the moon. It can take the form of ~9 individual paintings or drawings for each moon phase or a single work that is gradually completed throughout the entire cycle. I've chosen to share a few of these series here.

I. 6/20/2020 - 7/20/2020

This was the first series comprised of 9 watercolor and ink paintings.

IV. 9/17/2020 - 10/16/2020

Inspired by Yayoi Kusama and the apocalyptic orange sky which occurred on 9/9/2020 in the Bay Area. The moon shadows are made with black ink, the color watercolor, and the rest of the details in pen.

VI. 11/14/2020 - 12/14/2020

Watercolor circle backgrounds with black ink and white pen. I don't usually draw people but I'm happy with how this series turned out.